Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Sisterlocks

African Orthodox Icon of Saint Mary of Egypt


     For black women, hair is personal. There is so much caught-up in the idea of "hair", that any other ethnic group probably wouldn't understand. Social status, economic status, self-esteem, our daily plans are often influenced by our hair. Breaking free from this hair bondage, is something that is often wished for, but never realized. The desire for convenience and the need to be accepted, often keep people on the well traveled, socially acceptable path. When black people ask why I decided to get Sisterlocks, it is a "loaded" question containing all the "drama" of our hair. I will, however, attempt to answer.  My answers are not an indictment of anyone's choice for their own hair, just an explanation of my decision.

Saint Mary of Egypt
                I Chose Sisterlocks Because...
...Because I want to dance in the rain with my kids
...Because my hair doesn't dictate my exercise
...Because God didn't make my hair straight
...Because I love the idea of "wash-and-go" hair
...Because there is a better way than burning my scalp
...Because shower caps don't look good as lingerie
...Because my natural hair is beautiful too
...Because I want a variety of styling options
...Because I want to swim more than once a week
...Because I can open the windows and the sun roof
...Because it's all natural
...Because umbrellas are optional
...Because I can scratch if my scalp itches
...Because I can wash my hair frequently
...Because I'm a black person with black hair
...Because I can curl them or leave them straight
...Because I have other things to do than my hair
...Because there isn't just one kind of beauty


  1. OMG! i love you list sooo much! Every single thing you mentioned helps me everyday feel blessed to be natural. And I also love the picture! It's freedom and you are now a beacon of change to show there is a better way then the shackles of perm!

  2. Fantastic list Dominica and well have hit the nail on the head!. I agree with everything on tht list!

  3. I love that. Black is really beautiful and we are special just the way God created us..

  4. WOW!!! SO TRUE! I JUST LOVE THIS POST... Only we know the struggles of hair. By going natural, only we know the true freedom of having sisterlocks. Well said!!!