Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's About Time

     Sometimes it's all you can do to make it through each day.  My blogging came to an abrupt halt when our home was destroyed in a wildfire.   A few months later, my heart broke when I suffered a second trimester miscarriage of our son, Gabriel.  It has taken all my energy, time, and effort to take care of our family during this transition period.  It's not over yet, but I hope things will settle down soon. Meanwhile here is a small update on my locks.
      My locks are now a little over three years old. I am still loving having locks. Getting my hair done once every 6-7 weeks; is my one brief little indulgence.  Otherwise my locks take hardly any time at all.  That's a good thing, because I hardly have any time at all. I am looking forward to having my locks cut into more of a style when they grow long enough. The following pictures are in chronological order since my last post in 2011!

My girls and I at our friend's wedding
 The reason why I went silent.....
 My oldest daughter and I are going to our first opera.
 My neighbor won the Extreme Home Makeover!