Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bantu Knots and Twists

The week after my first retightening, I decided to play around with more ways to wash and style my hair . This time I decided to twist my hair (like two strand twists) then wrap them into Bantu Knots.  Washing my hair this way was easy, and I let them dry that way. The results were...curly....REAL curly.  The pictures I have posted were taken the next day and do not show how curly it really was.  I had a little fro.  I was very tempted to run damp fingers through my hair to loosen the curl, but it looked o.k. with a headband.  It has been over a week, and I still have plenty of curls. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Retightening....Better Late than Never

     I was really looking forward to my first retightening. It was scheduled for five weeks after my initial install.  My hair seemed to be doing well. My only slippage seemed to be around the back edges.  I did have some bunching, but overall I was pleased. Unfortunately, the unexpected death of a beloved uncle forced my plans to change. Although the reason for my visit was sad, it was nice to see my family. I only took the baby (21 months) with me.
     My family is outspoken, and I braced myself for the reactions to my hair. I've always had hair that grows long and thick.  Just cutting it off would be cause for an "ear-full", but locking it was sure to draw comments. I was lucky, my cousin blazed the path of locks in my family a couple of years ago.  She has small traditional locks.  When I walked in the door with the baby on my hip (whom they haven't seen in a while), the first thing said was, "Let us see the hair."  That didn't bode well. I walked up to my oldest, most conservative aunt to let her inspect "the hair" (might as well get it over with).  "Beautiful, just beautiful", she pronounced. You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather! Most of my family liked my hair. A couple of my aunts said they liked it, but they liked the relaxer better. You can't please everybody.
    My retightening finally occurred two weeks later (seven weeks after the install). My consultant was happy with my hair's progress. She corrected the bunching, but was pleased that my hair wasn't really slipping.  My next appointment is in six weeks.