Sunday, September 20, 2009

The After Picture

I had my hair cut on Thursday. It went well, but I didn't do a very good job of describing exactly how I wanted the back of my hair to look. Laurie was very kind.  I went in the next day,  and we arranged to "fix" the back.  I'm very happy.  I basically chose an asymmetrical bob with stacking in the back. There was an additional requirement of not cutting any of the hair shorter than three inches. This is the minimum length my Sisterlocks consultant needs to lock my hair.  Here are a couple of "after" pictures.

A side view that shows the stacking....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Hair Story

       In 2000 I had my first daughter. She was every bit as precious and full of life as anything I could have imagined.  When we would go to playgroups, she would climb behind the moms and play in their hair. She loved hair.  In particular, she loved straight hair.  I have heard many women with naturally curly hair long for straight hair and, I have watched many women with straight hair pay large sums of money for curly hair. I knew the time would come when my daughter would want straight hair like everyone else around her. How could I blame her? With a relaxer, even I had straight hair.
      I started considering the possibility of cutting the relaxer out of my hair and going natural.  There was a slight problem. I had worn a relaxer since I was nine years old. I didn't even remember what my natural hair looked like. Once I considered going natural, I started spotting black women with natural hair frequently.  My own hairdresser wore her hair naturally.  She kept it pulled up in a little ponytail puff. I thought the women with their short spiky curls looked sassy.  I was ready for my curls.  I let my relaxer grow out until I couldn't stand it anymore, then I had it cut off.  I didn't get my curls. I got frizz.   My hair had a wave pattern from the ears forward and curls in the back.
     I didn't like this new look. My face and neck are long, and I was accustomed to long hair. However, I did like the maintenance.  I never realized how much my hair controlled my decision making. I suddenly felt free to exercise, to swim, to play in the rain. I knew I didn't want to go back to a relaxer.  I continued to let my hair grow until I could put it up in a ponytail. It wasn't nearly as cute on me as it was on my hairdresser. She had very thin hair.   My hair is very thick.  It did not look sleek or stylish.  Yet, a ponytail was the only thing I could do with it. My hair was to big to wear down.  Mostly, I missed the versatility of straight hair. After my second daughter was born, I decided to return to relaxers.
    I have worn a relaxer for the past six years, and have become increasingly disenchanted with it.  I guess I'm picky, but I wanted it all. I wanted the versatility of a relaxer and the convenience of natural hair.  In April, I found Sisterlocks, and I think I've found what I've been looking for. I have been growing my relaxer out ever since.  Tomorrow I will have most of it cut out of my hair.  In a couple of weeks I will have my initial install of Sisterlocks. Here is my "before" picture: