Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sisterlocks and Relaxed Ends

I have seen several people who wonder what their relaxed ends will look like and how to take care of them. I will only offer my routine and observation.  I am not a consultant. This is based on my own hair and experience:

Some of my relaxed ends were put into the lock.  Surprisingly, they are trying to lock.  However, they are not swelling like the unprocessed hair. It looks fine, but eventually I will cut off the relaxed portions for a more uniform look.

I do not comb my relaxed ends. I treat them like locks.

I do not oil my hair (I do, however, rub oil into my hands before separating locks)

I do not use heat on my ends.

I encourage the ends to look stringy like locs.

Although my locks are now at the point that I don't have to braid and band, I will have bunching if I wash my hair while completely down.  I divide my hair into four large sections and wash. It's quick and easy.