Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After asking the "Lockitup" yahoo group about cutting relaxed ends.  I still don't have a clear cut winner. Those who cut above the knot, responded that their ends opened a little, but it wasn't really noticeable after a while. On the other hand, some people still have open ends after three years.  If I cut the bunched relaxed ends, I will probably loose about an inch of hair or a little more.  For the time being, I have decided to wait until I can discuss it with my SL consultant at my next appointment. So you can better understand, here are some close shots of the bunched ends.  You can clearly see how much thicker the ends are than the rest of the lock.  The relaxed hair looks like it was pulled into the lock.  You can also see that the bunched ends are at least an inch long. 

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  1. Looks like Im looking in the mirror:} I am almost at my 2 year mark, and cannot wait till I get the ok to cut these ends! Good luck with your decision, or if you are like me, Happy Waiting....