Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Swimming and Swelling

This summer I really put my locks to the test.  Due to swimming lessons and invitations from friends, we have done a great deal of swimming.  I was curious to see how my relaxed ends would fair.   I have continued to treat them like the locks.  The relaxed ends lightened because of the chlorinated water; unfortunately, the locks did not.   This summer I have finally seen seen some changes in the appearance of my locks.  They have started to swell.  In order to keep my hair neat, I have primarily trimmed my ends only to maintain my style and to alleviate bunching.  I started with the back and continued to trim in order to blend the style. However,because I started with relaxed ends, the balls on the ends of my locks are fairly large.  I hope to cut those off once all of my relaxer is cut off. 


  1. Your locks are beautiful. I enjoy swimming randomly now since my hair is locked. Enjoy....the freedom

  2. My ends lightened as well but they are natural and not permed. My consultant fixed the bunching without having to cut them off.