Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sisterlocks and Relaxed Ends

I have seen several people who wonder what their relaxed ends will look like and how to take care of them. I will only offer my routine and observation.  I am not a consultant. This is based on my own hair and experience:

Some of my relaxed ends were put into the lock.  Surprisingly, they are trying to lock.  However, they are not swelling like the unprocessed hair. It looks fine, but eventually I will cut off the relaxed portions for a more uniform look.

I do not comb my relaxed ends. I treat them like locks.

I do not oil my hair (I do, however, rub oil into my hands before separating locks)

I do not use heat on my ends.

I encourage the ends to look stringy like locs.

Although my locks are now at the point that I don't have to braid and band, I will have bunching if I wash my hair while completely down.  I divide my hair into four large sections and wash. It's quick and easy.


  1. Looks like you're coming right along in your journey. Nice work in caring for your permed ends. I may go through another phase of cutting off my permed ends this summer when I reach my 2 yr. mark. They are mostly on the front top, and yes some of my permed ends have started locing. Therefore, it may not be necessary to cut those off.

  2. I too treat my relaxed ends like locks as you do. I will be cutting off my relaxed ends at 9 months locked and can't wait. God bless.

  3. I was wondering is it to soon to cut my relaxed ends I started my journey about 8 months ago.

    1. I would ask your consultant. If your hair is long enough for a standard (non-relaxed)installation, then I would guess you would be fine to cut off the relaxer. I loved my locks short. I was actually a little disappointed when they stopped standing up.

  4. Its going to be two years in March 2013 that I've had my sisterlocks. I've had relaxed ends every since I got them installed. My ends are currently locking on their own and I feel like I want the remaining ends cut but I think that its best just to let the lock on their own.