Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bantu Knots and Twists

The week after my first retightening, I decided to play around with more ways to wash and style my hair . This time I decided to twist my hair (like two strand twists) then wrap them into Bantu Knots.  Washing my hair this way was easy, and I let them dry that way. The results were...curly....REAL curly.  The pictures I have posted were taken the next day and do not show how curly it really was.  I had a little fro.  I was very tempted to run damp fingers through my hair to loosen the curl, but it looked o.k. with a headband.  It has been over a week, and I still have plenty of curls. 


  1. They are looking nice! I love doing the Bantu Knots because the curls do last quite a while. After a few days the curls start to drop and looks better than before. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. I love your hair. I have my installation appointment set for the 13th of February and cannot wait!