Monday, March 8, 2010

No Drama Hair

        I have recently returned to blogging. I have been traveling for happy reasons and not so happy reasons. During this time, I realized that I was finally FREE from the Drama of "our" hair! One of my trips included a fun/business trip to Cozumel, Mexico.  I didn't have to plan activities around my hair, I didn't have to take hair products and equipment, I didn't have to worry how my hair would look after swimming. I didn't realize just how freeing that would feel.
       I decided to take a private "action tour" that included a whirl-wind bike ride through town, horse ride through the jungle, snorkeling and lunch.  I've never snorkeled before, and my tour guide was was very patient and kind.   We were very comfortable exchanging stories and talking with one another. Perhaps that was why he felt free to tell me that he "was impressed that I was willing to put my head under the water".  He further explained that most of the black women on his tours would refuse to put their heads under the water. I began to laugh and told him it was probably because they didn't want to get their hair wet.   Directly after snorkeling (I forgot to band my hair, but it was fine), we rinsed the salt off and ate lunch, while we dried off in the sun. My hair, relaxed ends and all, dried free-style.  I then went shopping (all of the photos were taken after snorkeling).  No fuss, no drama.  I LOVE LOCKS!!!!